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Streamax auto station report software releases

Time: 2016-08-06

Have you came across the situation?

While you focus on reading a book, you suddenly notice the bus LED display and then realize you have miss you stop? What a mess! You have to get off at the next stop and get on another bus again, wasting your time and ruin your schedule.

Think of another situation.

While you focus on reading a book, you hear a voice report which remind you that the next station is your destination.

Then you pack your things well and get off the bus on time happily. How pleasant!

How to make the auto bus station report?

Usually, use will ask several staff to get on the bus. Press the a special tool when arriving each stop.Finally, these data collected will be analyzed and figure out the route details.

There are a few disadvantage:

1. Labor cost is a bit more expensive at some regions.

2. The staff has to go back again if he fails to press the button at the stop.

3. It is complicated to collect and analyze these station data.

How to make things easier?

Streamax brand new design report station software, make report station simple!

It is a user-friendly design operation interface, easy for any one to learn and operate. User just need a few steps to realize the function and help passengers enjoy the trip.

1. Fill in route details in the format.

2. Prepare or record the voice file of all station files.

3. Prepare the black box data. (The staff can drive along the way several times and stop at the station. The MDVR will record all the stop details. Import these data, and filter out uncessory data, whose speed is more than 0 km/h.

Besides, check on the map and delete the stop which is the traffic light.)

4. Fast, exact and cost-effective.

Click here to learn more about the magic tool?

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