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Streamax launches a brand new IP camera for bus lane occupation snap system

Time: 2016-08-06

Nowadays, more and more private cars running at road. On one hand, people find it more convenient to go anywhere, on the other hand, it adds more traffic pressure. What’s more, some private cars occupy the lanes specially designed for public bus, which makes traffic jam from time to time. How to prevent such accident?

Streamax HD camera is designed to get the snapshot of vehicles occupying lane , which equips with intelligent sensor, automatic identification. As part of a dynamic capture systems, it can be installed in buses. Using intelligent video analysis technology, it can identify different types of vehicles and plate numbers, and take pictures automatically or manually when car occupies public bus lane. Therefore, the bus company can upload the evidence to related departments. The system can monitor the front side of the bus for about 10 meters. With Streamax system, it can help prevent other vehicles occupy bus lanes and ensure bus run effectively to provide a more convenient and efficient environment.

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